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We understand our obligation to our employees, the population in general and all living things with regard to protecting the environment. These obligations have been put into action in our Environmental Policy, which will help us to reduce the waste materials and educate our personnel to be more environmentally friendly. We are committed to meeting its obligations under the Producer Responsibility Packaging Waste Regulations.

At BEESWIFT we proactively monitor and report the amount of packaging we handle and place on the market. Any packaging for which we are the end user is monitored and wherever possible recycled. We are committed to making sure that any packaging is wisely recycled and as a consequence reduce our consumption.


  • Maintaining and Environmental Management System as a method of environmental improvement.
  • Reduce waste and consumption of resources (land, energy, materials etc)
  • Continually monitor and improve Environmental aspects.
  • Prevent any risk of pollution.
  • Providing relevant framework.
  • Communication of policy to all employees.

Waste Monitoring

The following waste is monitored and where possible is recycled.

Paper/Cardboard Waste is recycled where appropriate either by re-use or compacted and sent to a local recycling centre.

Packaging Responsibilities

At BEESWIFT we are members of a packaging compliancy scheme. This not only monitors the waste packaging that we produce but also advises us on how we can be more efficient. By reducing our packaging we can transport our products more efficiently reducing fuel and in turn our carbon footprint.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management:

This certification means that we have implemented and maintained an approved environmental system; it also means that we have demonstrated compliance with our own environmental policy and with current laws and regulations. In addition, we demonstrate that our environmental impact is being monitored and continuously improved.

Waste Information

Waste Information Table

To help you decide which products are right for you or your customers we provide information about the waste materials used per carton of product. You can find this on most of our products on Beeswift Online.

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